DGruwier Surface Imperfections - Volume 1

David Gruwier
84 ratings

The Surface Imperfections Volume 1 library by David Gruwier is a collection of  50+ 4K premium tiled textures, featuring a mix of scratches, dust specs, smudges, fingerprints, hairs, residue, isolated fingerprints and even full palm print, all scanned from real surfaces and meticulously tiled. 

They are not traditional textures, but are scans of the subtle imperfections that are shared by most materials, such as smudges, scratches and fingerprints, independent of color. The resulting greyscale maps can be used as glossiness, bump, anisotropy and reflectivity maps to add those same imperfections back into any 3D material.

Includes a bonus lesson by Grant Warwick of Mastering CGI, demonstrating how to use Surface Imperfection to create advanced, highly realistic materials for professional CGI work, using 3Ds Max and Vray (but the concepts are transferable). Grant covers the basics you need to know to make the most of this library.

Full details at surfaceimperfections.com 

Examples of uses:

  • As glossiness or anisotropy maps, to add realistic surface imperfections to reflective surfaces such as glass, metal and plastic
  • Bump maps, for something more organic and natural than fractal noise
  • Extra detail on windows, monitors, mirrors and other reflective surfaces that require that extra glint of realism
  • Masks for layered, procedural shaders and materials.
  • Overlays on lens flares and glare in compositing, to emulate a dirty lens (the raw scans are especially suited for this)
  • Texture painting alphas and brushes source material.
  • Multiply or add on top of diffuse colors to break up the colors and add variation

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DGruwier Surface Imperfections - Volume 1

84 ratings
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